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[UPDATE] Write protection error detection and notification


    Compatible Firmware's:

        DR900S: v1.008 and up

       DR750S: v1.013 and up



    • Your BlackVue constantly checks that the microSD card is properly recording videos.                                               
    • If your microSD card becomes write-protected (“bricked”), a “Check SD card” voice message will play from the dashcam.                                                                                                            

      What should you do if your dashcam prompts you to check the SD card?

      First, try formatting the microSD card using the Format button on the side of the dashcam (Hold the button until a voice prompt plays, then hold again).

      If that does not fix the issue, try formatting using the BlackVue Viewer for Mac/Windows. Then if the issue persists, contact Support at cs@pittasoft.com.



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      Randall Powers

      Please add the link to "try formatting using the BlackVue Viewer for Mac/Windows."

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      Patrick Dockhorn

      My SD card stopped recording 4 months ago - but the BlackVue DR900 never said anything about it.
      When I took the card out today to check a recent video I noticed the last recording was from October 2018.

      When I tried to format the SD card using the BlackVue Viewer on Mac it simply brings up the Mac DiskUtility - and that cannot format the card (unable to change partition map).

      I tried a specialised SD Card Formatter tool and that kept saying the card was write protected.

      To me it looks as if the card is bricked. Any other thing I can try ?

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      Brandon Chin

      Same thing happens to me, Camera no longer speaks to me and SD Card Formatter showing that card is write protected.

      Trying to reformat the card also keeps failing.

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      Chris Bellmont

      I have the same issue on my camera. I am unable to format the card. The last recordings on the card are from last year and every couple of weeks the camera repeats "Check SD Card". Not good enough for a high end product.

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      I have the same issue. Just realized it hasn't been saving videos since October 2018. Super annoying. Can't format no matter what I do.

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      Mike Fuhrman

      I have the exact same problem. It occurred right after I updated to the new firmware version. Now the SD card is write protected and I am not able to format it. It constantly speaks to with "Check SD Card". I think there is an issue with the firmware upgrade. I am hoping Blackvue will send a new SD card.

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      Leif Ullman

      I am having the same problem too. I've already had one 128GB card replaced. The second just bricked after about 2 weeks. I did just buy my camera in March and updated firmware as soon as I got it. I'm guessing that was a mistake.

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      Chris Hazle

      Similar to those before me, I am having the exact same issue. My 128GB card didnt even last a week before it bricked. What do I do now?

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      @Chris contact support for replacement. In theory they should replace it if it's within 6 months of purchase.

      At least you caught it. Mine happened on the old firmware that didn't tell you if you had an sd card problem, and I went 5 months before I realized it wasn't recording.