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My Android phone cannot connect to dashcam's direct Wifi. How to fix it?


    In the latest blackvue  App version v1.84, some of the phone's are not connecting to the direct Wifi of the dashcam.

     If you are using Android version 8.1 and later, following is the procedure through which this issue can be fixed.

    1. Turn on the location on your phone by going to Phone Settings > Connections >  Location on 

    phone_settings_conenctions.jpg     pic_3.jpg.JPEG


    2.  Turn on the location in the app by going to Phone Settings > Apps>  Blackvue App > Permissions > Location on



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      Brian Lundsgaard Petersen

      Still not working, my Huawei P10 still can't connect with direct Wi-Fi. Has upgraded my Blackvue DR900S-2CH to the latest firmware via PC / mico sd. I also can't see my blackvue under WiFi on my mobile .... So all in all I can't even see my camera on direct wfi and under normal wifi. I've done everything suggested in the help center. Best regards, Brian L Petersen

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      Stephen Lerson

      I have a DR750S-2CH and a Placberry Priv (Android)
      I have done everying suggested, The 750S shows up on the wifi network but will not complete the link.
      The authorization will not complete

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      Gunnar Jensen

      I have a Moto g5s plus phone and there is No setting for location.
      It cannot Connect tog My 650S-2C.

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      Jerry Peckinpaugh

      Found a fix for my Oneplus 6T. I had to turn off mobile data first, then the app will connect to the camera.
      Tip: If you like to watch the video from your camera on your phone, while the video is playing you can turn mobile data back on but you will lose the ability to control your settings of the camera until you disable mobile data again.

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      Gunnar Jensen

      Thanks Jerry, doing that i can connect and look at videos but if i try to go to settings the phone app crashes.

      Of course it also complains that since im not connected to internet it cannot show location (map) when viewing a video.


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      Useless app - In an event of an accident this will not help. Apparently third party app I installed works beautifully. But not Blackvue junk