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[Power Magic EZ] OBD Kit for Dash Cam Parking Mode Installation


    The Power Magic EZ Parking Mode accessory is now available. Power Magic EZ plugs into your vehicle’s OBD port and your dashcam’s power socket.
    It is the easiest way to enjoy Parking Mode using your vehicle’s battery as the power source, while preventing battery drain.


    Enjoy Parking Mode while protecting your car’s battery

    Those familiar with the Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit will feel at home with the Power Magic EZ, as it includes all the Power Magic Pro features, without requiring a professional installation.


    Rated output voltage:12-24 V DC

    Power cut-off timer setting: 6 hours - infinity

    Output current/Quiescent current:Rated: 1A(Maximum:3A)/ Below 300µA

    Power cut-off voltage (based on the input voltage): 12V, 12.5V(±0.1V) / 22.8V,23.2V(±0.1V)

    DC connector type: DC 12 V-24 V (DC Plug: (Ø3.5 x Ø1.35))


    Among those features, PMEZ has two ways of preventing battery discharge.

    Power Magic EZ includes both timer and voltage cut-off functions. This means whether the timer is up or your vehicle’s battery voltage drops to the cut-off value, Power Magic EZ will stop powering your dashcam. This way, your car (or truck) battery is protected and you don’t have to worry about starting your car after a long Parking Mode session.





    Like the Power Magic Pro, Power Magic EZ also has a Parking Mode switch, meaning you can deactivate Parking Mode—if you park your car in a safe place, for example—but still have your dashcam active while driving.


    Parking Mode Parking Mode Enabled Driving Mode Enabled
    Switch ON When the ignition is off: The Power Magic EZ powers your dashcam in parking mode. When the ignition is on: The Power Magic EZ powers your dashcam in driving
    Switch OFF When the ignition is off: The Power Magic EZ blocks power from your dashcam. When the ignition is on: The Power Magic EZ powers your dashcam in driving mode.


    Compatible with most car types and 12V/24V electrical systems

    Power Magic EZ is compatible with most cars, including hybrids. It is also compatible with commercial vehicles and trucks or recreational vehicles (motorhomes) sporting a 24V electrical system. The Power Magic EZ does require your OBD to include a CAN bus. If your vehicle was manufactured after 2008, a CAN bus is most likely included.



    1. Locate the OBD-II port and plug in the Power Magic EZ
      • The OBD-II port is normally located just below the driver-side interior fuse panel (location may depend on your vehicle) mceclip3.png
    2. Plug the Power Magic EZ’s power cable to the dashcam’s DC-in port
      • Neatly run the Power Magic EZ’s power cable to the dashcam’s position and plug it into the dashcam. mceclip4.png

    You can also check the installation video below.

    LED Status Indicator

    Driving Mode: LED is green when starting the car and whilst driving
    Parking Mode: LED blinks green during parking mode
    Cut-Off Mode: LED blinks red for 1 minute after cutting off power in accordance with the Timer or Voltage Cut-Off settings (after 1 minute the LED turns off)
         ※ Depending on your vehicle model, there may be a slight delay when switching between modes



    • Avatar
      Dieter Hinkelmann

      no, your video was not in detail. The video shows a nissan murano 2015 like mine, it shows being hit in a parking lot like mine, I checked the video and nothing was recorded, last recording was when I parked as time stamp shows, so it only works when car is on, but once I close the door and lock the car, all ends. I searched everywhere and cant find why. I was told to call CCTV and they are puzzled, no one has called or maybe no one plugged into a nissan. I think the issue is the software on the cameras that wont let it power up, because I no longer can use the app on my phone, it wont connect to the camera. I pull the card and checked on my laptop. I purchased a Power Magic Pro, and have the same issue, will not work in park mode. I purchased a new camera 750 and same with that camera, not buying the 950 yet, way to expensive, other companies have identical look camera like yours at Best Buy and cheaper for a 4K. Maybe Pittasoft or Blackvue no longer cares about products, I dont know what to do, spent amost $800 for 2 cameras, SD cards, power pro and EZ nothing works. does not work on either car

    • Avatar
      Dieter Hinkelmann

      If this is not approved due that I write the truth, the I will post this screenshot on facebook, and all sites related to this product, I just cant get real help

    • Avatar

      Warning. This product does not work. Even with the voltage cut off set at 12.5V, the camera will drain the battery to the point the car cannot be started. This occurred in a brand new car with a brand new battery. Also, the Parking mode on/off switch fails to turn the camera off when the car is parked.

    • Avatar

      I have the same problem. This feature killed my car's battery.
      I setup voltage cut off at 12.5V, the camera drained the battery to the point the car cannot be started. Parking mode on/off switch fails to turn the camera off when the car is parked. Which settings ate the most battery power saving?

    • Avatar
      Sergey Dubynin

      Hello! The blackvue Power Magic EZ device for the 2-channel blackvue DR470-2CH DVR, purchased in the same company earlier, was purchased from the official distributor. The car Subaru Forester SJ 2018,there is no additional alarm - only a regular immobilizer, no additional electronics, the head unit is standard. In Parking mode ON at the set off voltage of 12.5 V for 2 weeks discharged the battery to 2.4 V, which before (and now when disconnected from the OBD connector of your device) is not observed. When translated in Parking mode OFF, the DVR continues to work. Also, when power Magic EZ is connected, I can not open the front right window from the driver's door - the other 3 open, directly from the front passenger's door without problems. When you disconnect your device, everything works correctly. How to be? Your uses 4 pins in connector 5 and 6 - minus, 16 - +12V, why use 14 pin CAN-Low?

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