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SD Card Failure Alert & Deactivating Proximity Sensor for DR900 and DR750 Series


    The firmwares v1.011 for DR900S series and v1.016 for DR750S series have been modified to include the following features and other improvements:

    1. Turn off the proximity sensor: Firmware settings > System settings > Proximity sensor: 
      1. Voice (audio) recording On/Off
      2. Manual recording
      3. Off (NEW)
    2. SD Card Failure Alert: your dashcam constantly monitors the microSD card to detect write protection errors. If the microSD becomes write protected, a “Check SD card” voice notification will play from the dashcam.
    3. Added compatibility with Interior IR and TRUCK IR cameras.

    ※ Compatible software versions:
    BlackVue App: Android v2.90 / iOS v2.90 and up.
    BlackVue Viewer: Windows v2.07 / Mac v1.32 and up.

    Firmwares can be downloaded from the following link: https://www.blackvue.com/downloads/#firmware-current 

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