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DR900S is overheating and shutting down, how do i fix it?


    The DR900S is designed to work up to 167 degree F. You do not have to worry about the temperature affecting the dashcam, because when it reaches the high temperature cut-off, It will automatically shut down to prevent damage to the camera.

    There are known common factors that may cause the dashcam to overheat like continuous Wi-Fi usage,parking the car under direct sunlight with camera on for long hours etc.

    If you are constantly using and turning the camera on then we suggest you to try to cool down the surrounding environment allowing some air in car to balance the heat emitted from the device. Right ventilation is necessary to keep it from absorbing too much heat that may also come from the surface near where it is installed.

    Also, if possible, make sure that your dashcam, is not directly parked in the sunlight. If there is no shade available, you might want to change the position of your car to not get a direct sunlight exposure.


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      What a joke, I live in the south and it's hot with no shade. For the price of this unit it should never fail due to heat. I don't have the luxury of parking in the shade and if I cracked my windows someone would steal my camera.

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      There has been a lot of talk about the overheating issue of the Blackvue DR900S. Many people have given solutions that they thought may work. I have tried changing my SD Card from a regular one to a Sandisk High Endurance. I also lower my windows to let the car vent air. Both these options have failed. I'm disappointed with Blackvue and their response to this issue. I as the customer should not have to look for a specific parking place or turn off my wifi in the car to get the Blackvue Dr900s to work properly in park mode. One of the main reasons I bought the camera was because of the wifi feature. It allows me to view my car at anytime or anywhere I am. Looking around for shaded area is ridiculous because when I go to work at 6am there is only shades areas, but when I leave work at 2pm there is sunlight and heat. The onus should not be put on us the customers. Fix the issues with the DR900S.

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      Very well said. This camera is very expensive and dah it gets really hot in cars. Way to go Blackvue product design. I agree, maybe a class action or recall and replace.

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      Dear Customers
      Thank you for your comments and feedback.
      We are making constant improvements in the firmware algorithm to reduce the heat. However, we can understand that in very hot areas the temperature could cause the camera to shut down. Your concerns are well noted and our engineers are constantly working to increase the temperature cutoff or improve the algorithm in the firmware.
      Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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      Jonathan Severson

      Hello Blackvue,

      My dashcam shut itself off due to overheating at 4am. Are there processes on the camera itself that are causing it to overheat?

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      Adrian Cordero

      I’m a new customer, I wanted the 4K cam, but after reading all the customer complaints all over the Internet regarding the 900S overheating issues & since I live in south FL,.. I decided to go with the 750S instead. Hopefully future revisions of a 4K model will be able to better handle the heat. Until then, I’ll have to pass.