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[ISSUE]Direct WIfi connectivity issues with iOS BETA 13


    Dear Users

     We are receiving various complaints of iOS 13 BETA not connecting to direct Wifi of the dashcam. This is an issue with the iOS itself which will be fixed in the general release. 

         Thank you for your patience and understanding


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      Minh Tran

      I had this same issue with my Roav camera, where the app wouldn’t recognize that I was connected to the dashcam’s wifi to access its memory content after I loaded iOS 13 beta. Roav released an update to its app, and now I can connect to my Roav dashcam via wifi. It’s strange that Blackvue just pass the buck to Apple and blame iOs 13 No solution from Blackvue at all.

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      Paul Taylor

      Not good enough! Blackvue needs to get on to this or my device is going back!

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      A P

      August 15th and it's still broken. Hoping this gets fixed soon, either the app side or iOS13 side.