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DR750-2CH LTE (AU, US, Global Version)


    SIM Activation Guide

    Prepare before starting

    This product is compatible with Vodafone SIM card.

    Find connectivity details

    1. Remove the front dashcam from its mount, with the label visible.



    How to connect to CLOUD over LTE

    Create a BlackVue account

    1. Search for the BlackVue app in the Google Play Store or App Store and install it on your smartphone.

    2. Open the BlackVue app.

    3. Tap menu and select Create account.

    4. Enter your email address and choose a password. Re-enter your password and press Next.


    5. Read the Terms & Policies and check the boxes to agree to them. Press Create account to continue.

    6. Check your email account for the confirmation link from Pittasoft. Click thelink to confirm your email address and finish creating your account.


    Register your dashcam with your account

    1. In the BlackVue app, select BLACKVUE CLOUD and login to your account.

    2. Tap Yes to receive push notifications (this setting can be adjusted at any time later).

    3. Select Register new camera.

    4. Register your camera using one of the following methods (Check connectivity details).

       QR Code: Press Scan QR Code and line up the QR Code on your smartphone's screen.

       Manual registration: Enter your camera's Serial number and Cloud code and press Register.


    5. The app will ask for your permission to access your dashcam's GPS data.

       If you allow access, the app will be able to show your dashcam's location and speed.

       If you don't allow access, you won't be able to see your dashcam's location and speed (you can allow access later in Privacy settings).

    6. To use the Cloud service, the app will ask if you instered a SIM card.

    7. Once all done, your dashcam will be registered completely. 


    Insert a SIM Card

     1. To remove the front camera from bracket, and open SIM slot with SIM eject tool and insert the SIM card.



    Setting the Wi-Fi


    1. Plug in power and rear cables to dashcam first and hold for few seconds once voice instructions start.

    2. "Pair" your smartphone with the BlackVue dashcam via direct Wi-Fi:

       Press the Wi-Fi button once to turn on Wi-Fi.


    3. Go to your smartphone's Settings then select Wi-Fi, and make sure Wi-Fi is turned on. Choose your BlackVue daschcam from the network list.

    The dashcam's default SSID begins with its model number (e.g. BlackVue ****-******).

    Enter the paswword and tap join.

    The default Wi-Fi SSID and password are printed on the dashcam's label. (Check connectivity details).



    Activate the SIM Card 

    1. Open the BlackVue app and select BLACKVUE WIFI --> SIM card activation

         Note: SIM card activation after parking mode may require 20 seconds to retrieve sim information. 


    2. In the "APN settings" menu, choose "Country--> Network Carrier" and press OK.

    Once the settings are saved, the dashcam should connect to cloud within few seconds. If dashcam fails to connect to Cloud, please check the APN settings or contact the customer support.

    Now you can go to BlackVue app > BLACKVUE CLOUD and start using Cloud service features such as remote Live View and Video playback, Real-time location, push notification, Auto-upload, remote Firmware update etc.

    For detailed information regarding BlackVue Cloud Service, please visit our homepage (www.blackvue.com)


    Your SIM card package includes the PIN code and PUK code. Enter the PIN code or PUK code as provided and press OK to continue.


    * Three consecutive incorrect password attempts may engage PUK mode.

    * Ten consecutive incorrect PUK code attempts may block SIM card. If you require assistance, please contact the network carrier.


    * To use the BlackVue Cloud Service, SIM card must be properly activated for Internet access via LTE network.

    * Some Cloud features may not work when surrounding temperature in high and/or LTE speed is slow.


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