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[NEWS] BlackVue DR750-2CH LTE 4G is now available in Australia and Japan


    Yes! You read that right. BlackVue is glad to announce that its new Cloud dashcam with built-in 4G LTE connectivity is finally available to Australian and Japanese users. The new model will roll out in the coming months, including North-American and Global versions.


    Each version’s LTE module is designed to operate within the designated region only. The reason is that the antennas are tuned specifically to work on one or more local telecom operator networks (Vodafone in Australia, NTT Docomo in Japan). 


    In terms of image quality and features, you are basically getting a DR750S-2CH camera (one of our premium models), but with its own built-in cellular module for Cloud connectivity.


    The sought-after Cloud features and services can now be enjoyed without the need of getting a separate WiFi LTE hotspot. The DR750-2CH LTE camera is redesigned to include a built-in SIM card reader. By just inserting a SIM card in the reader and activating the SIM, you are good to go. You will definitely save yourself from the stress of powering an external hotspot. Just a word of caution. In most cases, getting a SIM card means that there is a data plan for the dashcam that comes with it.


    With the built-in LTE module, the dashcam also acts as a hotspot. This means that your phone will not get disconnected from the internet while it is connected to the camera via Direct WiFi. There will no longer be the hassle of turning your phone data on and off to switch from using Direct WiFi and other apps on your phone.


    Find more information about the DR750-2CH LTE Australian version by getting in touch with BlackVue Australia (www.blackvue.com.au). Leave us a message at onlinesales@pittasoft.com for those interested in the Japanese version.



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