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BlackVue New Cloud Plans


    BlackVue Over the Cloud becomes BlackVue Cloud

    First of all, the service you knew under the name "BlackVue Over the Cloud" has been rebranded "BlackVue Cloud". It is the same dashcam Cloud service for individuals but with a shorter name. BlackVue Fleet Tracking remains our turnkey service geared towards businesses.


    Simplified pricing and plans

    With this update comes major changes. First, the Basic Plan is going away, while the new Smart Plan starts from a single dashcam and up to three, instead of a fixed three-dashcam deal. Last, the Fleet Plan is removed from the BlackVue App and will now be available exclusively via blackvuecloud.com



    NOTE: Although the monthly Live View and Remote Video Playback/Download for Smart and Fleet Plans are set to "Unlimited", this can be limited by your data plan purchased from third-party SIM card providers or BlackVue SIM Card Plans. For example, if you have a 3GB monthly data plan, when the data is all consumed within a number of days, then the Unlimited Live View, Remote Video Playback and Download will be overridden. 


    Most significant changes

    The main changes to the plans, besides pricing, are as follows: 

    • Free Plan: no changes. 
    • Smart Plan:
      • Flexibility to manage up to 1, 2, or 3 dashcams (with monthly subscription and Cloud storage adjusted accordingly) instead of just 1 or 3 with the legacy Basic and Smart plans.
      • Unlimited Remote Video Playback and Downloads per month (limited to 300 and 600 times respectively with the legacy Basic and Smart plans). 
    • Fleet Plan: 
      • Possibility to manage up to 999 dashcams(vs 100 previously). 
      • Multiple account management (Master, Submaster, User).
      • Unlimited Remote Video Playback and Downloads per month (limited to 600 times + 50 times per extra dashcam with the legacy Fleet Plan). 
      • Three times more Cloud storage for each extra dashcam added to the plan beyond the first one (15GB vs 5GB).
      • Pay-what-you-use pricing for extra dashcams, offering better flexibility to add dashcams anytime without paying for past unused days in a given period.

    What does it mean for existing users?

    Good news for existing users: you will retain your legacy subscription costs while gaining the advantages offered by the new plans. Note that if you interrupt your subscription and subscribe again, the new rates will apply.


    BlackVueCloud.com to manage your Cloud account

    The new website is designed for both individuals and businesses and lets you log in to manage your Cloud account, whether you have a free or paid subscription. Most importantly, this is where you will need to go to upgrade from a Free Plan to a Fleet Plan. 


    Upgrade to BlackVue Fleet Tracking

    If you would like to use BlackVue Fleet Tracking, BlackVueCloud.com is the place to go to upgrade your Free account.
    Note: only a Free Cloud account can be upgraded to Fleet Tracking. If you have another type of account (new Smart or legacy Basic or Smart), you must first change it to Free before upgrading to Fleet Tracking. The reason for this being that in-app subscriptions are managed by Apple (for iOS) and Google (for Android). 

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