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[BlackVue App] How to Change the Time Zone


    One of the first settings a dash camera user should check is the time zone. Check out the video below on "How to Change the Time Zone". (Video transciptions are available below the video.)



    Please backup necessary recordings before changing time or image quality settings. If any of the aforementioned settings are changed and saved, the dashcam will format the microSD card and delete all recordings stored on the card including locked event files in order to ensure optimal performance.



    1. In your phone's Setting menu, turn on WiFi.

    2. Choose your BlackVue dashcam from the network list. The dashcam's default SSID begins with BlackVue or its model (e.g. DR900S-******).

    3. Open the BlackVue app.

    4. Select WiFiconfiguration_settings_icon-1320191040059302570.png . Then go to Firmware settings > Basic.

    5. Select Time, then select your time zone from the list. 

       ***If your dashcam is not equipped with a built-in or external GPS, you can set the time manually.

    6. After changing the time settings, go back to the Firmware settings menu, tap <, then tap Save.

       ***The new settings will be uploaded to your BlackVue and the dashcam will restart to apply them.




    Select your time zone to auto-sync with GPS time or you can set the time and date manually after enabling Manual time setting.



    •  The factory setting is GMT -11.
    Some examples of GMT time offsets are:

    – GMT-7: Los Angeles
    – GMT-4: New York
    – GMT+0: London
    – GMT+1: Paris
    – GMT+3: Moscow
    – GMT+8: Singapore
    – GMT+9: Seoul
    – GMT+10: Sydney

    If you are unsure of your GMT offset please look up your city on https://greenwichmeantime.com/
         *Selecting Daylight saving time will advance the clock by one hour

      When setting the time manually, please set to the expected time you will use the BlackVue (not the present time).



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