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Choosing the Right Version of DR750-2CH LTE Camera


    In early 2020, we launched the Australia and Japan versions. Now you can get North America and “Global” versions. The Global version is the one designed for most of the countries outside of the US, Canada, Japan, and Australia. However, customers in South America might want to do some research as support of either the GL or NA model may vary from country to country (see table below for more info on this).


    1. There are currently 4 versions of DR750-2CH LTE: NA, GL, AU, and JP. Make sure to pick the right version for your country or mobile operator.

    2. DR750-2CH LTE does NOT include a SIM card.
       In order to connect to BlackVue Cloud with the built-in 4G LTE, you must:

    • Create a BlackVue Cloud account: you can do it for free in the BlackVue App.
    • Get a Nano-SIM card with a data plan.
    • Insert the SIM in the dashcam’s SIM card tray.
    • Activate the SIM via the BlackVue app.

    We recommend checking first that your local mobile telecom carrier operates on the LTE frequency bands supported by DR750-2CH LTE.


    DR750-2CH LTE version Bands supported Main carriers
    NA (North America) B2, B4, B12 US: AT&T, T-Mobile; Canada: Rogers, Telus.
    Preferred for most of South America except Brazil.
    GL (Global) B1, B3, B7, B20 Europe: most of the main carriers.
    Suitable for Africa, Middle-East, Russia, Brazil, Asia.
    May be suitable for South America.
    AU (Australia) B1, B3, B5 Vodafone
    Also recommended for New Zealand.
    JP (Japan) B1, B3, B18, B19 NTT Docomo



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