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Setting Up: BlackVue X Series with CM100-LTE/CM100G-LTE Module for Cloud Connectivity


    The X Series are designed with a dedicated external LTE module for Cloud connectivity. With the new CM100-LTE module, 750X and 900X users do not need to purchase extra independent hotspot which requires another power source. This module, however, requires an activated Nano SIM card to activate the free Cloud service. 


    A 590X user can now enjoy Lite Cloud service via the activated CM100G-LTE module. BlackVue Cloud Lite is a simplified version of BlackVue Cloud (with still images instead of Live View). 


    Check out below video by BlackBoxMyCar, one of our major distributing partners, and see how you can get your BlackVue X-Model camera connect to the Cloud.



    Check out: CM100 LTE User Guide

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