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Setting Up: BlackVue X Series with CM100-LTE/CM100G-LTE Module for Cloud Connectivity


    The  DR970X, DR770X, DR900X/X Plus, and DR750X/X Plus, Series are designed with a dedicated external LTE module for Cloud connectivity. With the new CM100(G)-LTE module, Cloud-compatible dashcam users do not need to purchase extra independent hotspot which requires another power source. This module, however, requires an activated Nano SIM card to activate the free Cloud service. 


    CM100(G) LTE Installation Guide

    Install the connectivity module at the top corner of the windshield. Remove any foreign matter and clean and dry the windshield before installation.



    • Do not install the product in a location where it can obstruct the driver's field of vision.

    1. Turn off the engine.

    2. Unscrew the bolt that locks the SIM slot cover on the connectivity module. Remove the cover, and unmount the SIM slot using the SIM eject tool. Insert the SIM card into the slot.



    3. Peel off the protective film from the double-sided tape and attach the connectivity module to the top corner of the windshield.



    4. Connect the front camera (USB port) and the connectivity module cable (USB).


    5. Use the pry tool to lift the edges of the windshield trim/molding and tuck in the connectivity module cable.

    6. Turn on the engine. The BlackVue dashcam and connectivity module will power up.



    • For full details on installing the dashcam on your vehicle, refer to the "Quick Start Guide" that is included in the BlackVue dashcam package.
    • The SIM card must be activated to use the LTE service. For details, refer to the SIM Activation Guide.


    Check out: CM100 LTE User Guide

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