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    DR590X-1CH at a Glance

    The following diagrams explain each part of the BlackVue dashcam.

    Front Camera


    A) Lock button
    B) Mounting bracket
    C) Front security LED:
     : Lights on during (i) normal mode, (ii) an event is being recorded (impact detected), (iii) manual recording has started, or (iv) motion is detected in parking mode.
     : Blinks slowly during parking mode motion detection standby.
    D)  Camera lens


    A) Recording LED:
    : Lights orange in normal mode.
     : Lights red when (i) an event is being recorded (impact detected), or (ii) manual recording has started.
     : Lights green in parking mode when motion is detected.
    B) Speaker
    C) Speaker GPS LED:
     : GPS is on.
    D) LTE/Wi-Fi LED:
     : Lights yellow when Cloud is connected.
     : Lights white when Wi-Fi is connected.
     : Blinks white quickly when LTE/Wi-Fi is turning off.

    A) Cover
    B) Wi-Fi button: Lights green in parking mode when motion is detected.
    C) Micro SD card slot
    D) DC in (Power connector)
    E) GPS connection port or External connectivity module port


    Recording Time:



    • There may be some variation in the actual recording time
    • If the microSD card is full, older files are deleted first to make space for newly-recorded videos. If possible, backup important files such as Event recording files.


    Product Specifications:




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