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Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124X Model)


    B-124 Model is a previous version of the B-124X with the USB port and 24V electrical system support excluded from its design.


    At a Glance




    LED indicators and beeps

      LEDs Beep*
    Powered on  mceclip2.png All 3 LEDs turn on together and then turn off one by one. Beeps four times
    Started charging  mceclip3.png Red LED blinks for 5 seconds Beeps once
    Charging  mceclip4.png Red LED is on  
    Fully charged mceclip5.png Green LED is on  
    Bluetooth connected  mceclip6.png Blue LED is on  
    Low input voltage warning  mceclip7.png Red and Green LED blink together  
    Overheated warning  mceclip8.png Red LED and Green LED blink one after another Beeps every second

    * Beeping can be disabled over Bluetooth using the BlackVue Battery manager app.


    Product Features

    Charges while driving. Powers your dashcam while parked.

    • Approximately 25 hours 35 mins (28 hours for B-124 model) of power from 40 minutes of charging (based on a dashcam that uses 3W and a hardwired installation).
    • Compatible with 2 installation methods:
      • DIY installation – standard cigarette lighter socket and plug (standard 5A charging); or
      • Hardwired installation – standard cigarette lighter socket and hardwiring cable (rapid 9A charging)
    • Easily double usage time by plugging in an Expansion Battery (sold separately)
    • Configure settings via Bluetooth using the companion smartphone app
    • Compatible with both car (12V) and heavy vehicle (24V) electrical systems (12V only for B-124 model)
    • Battery protection circuitry for increased safety and extended battery life.
    • Simultaneously charge your Ultra Battery and power your dashcam while driving.
    • Power output automatically switches to draw power from the Ultra Battery when the engine is off.
    • Battery cycle life: Rated for 1,500 full charge/recharge cycles before battery capacity falls under 80% of its original capacity.
    • High temperature cut-off function shuts down the battery if the internal temperature reaches 80 °C (176 °F).
    • When switched OFF the Ultra Battery retains its charge for more than 1 year.
    • [For B-124X model only] 1 USB port (5V) allows you to simultaneously charge another device (smartphone, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, etc.) while powering the dashcam


    Battery Capacity



    Product Specifications


    * For B-124 Model, 24V system is not supported. The battery can be used up to 28 hours based on a single dashcam that consumes 3W. The storage temperature is between 10 degree C to 60 degree C (14 degree Farenheit to 140 degree Farenheit). And it does not have a USB port



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