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BlackVue Battery Manager


    With the latest BlackVue app version, there is no need to use the BlackVue Battery Manager App. Instead, the BlackVue Battery can now be accessed within the BlackVue Mobile App.

    NOTE: Your battery should be on when accessing the information and settings.


    You can access your battery in two different ways: (a) via the Cloud Mode, where logging in is required; and (b) via the Wi-Fi Mode.

    Via the Cloud Mode


    Via the Wi-Fi Mode


    The app will start scanning for batteries that are turned on. 


    Select from the list the battery of which information and settings you would like to check.


    If the connection with the battery fails, check the conditions that will be displayed after the icon.


    If the connection with the battery is successful, you can check the status of the battery accordingly.

    You can check the battery's settings by clicking the gear icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    *What is shown in the screenshot above is the setting for B-124 and B-124X batteries. The battery capacity automatically increases when the number of batteries connected increases too. For B-130X battery settings, you can refer to the screenshot below (Beep On/Off setting only).


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