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[BlackVue App] Cloud Settings


    Remote video access, monitoring, and download, as well as camera settings modifications, are only possible if a hotspot is tied with your Cloud-compatible BlackVue camera (DR650GW Series, DR650S Series, DR750S Series, DR750X LTE Series, DR750X Series*, DR750-2CH LTE*, DR900S Series, DR900X Series*).

    *DR750X and DR900X camera models come with an optional LTE Connectivity Module (CM100-LTE) as a portable hotspot. DR750-2CH LTE and DR750X LTE cameras have a built-in WiFi module into which a SIM Card can be inserted to activate Cloud.



    Older camera models may not have the same settings as the information available is based on the latest camera model releases. This setting applies to Cloud-compatible camera models only.




    Enable Cloud service

    If you don’t use the Cloud service you can turn it off.


    Cloud service hotspot settings 



    Up to 3 Wi-Fi hotspots SSIDs can be saved (e.g. home, portable hotspot, and work). Choose your Wi-Fi hotspot from the list and enter the password. Tap 2 and 3 to add settings for additional hotspots.


    Your BlackVue will try to connect to hotspot 1 first. If it cannot connect to hotspot 1, it will then try to connect to hotspot 2, and then hotspot 3.


    "Currently connected Hotspot" message is displayed on the tab to which hotspot the camera is connected.


    • Only the DR900 series is compatible with the 5GHz WiFi. The BlackVue DR750 Series (S, X, LTE) is not compatible with 5GHz wireless networks. DR650 Series (GW and S) cannot support 5GHz as well.




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