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[BlackVue PC Viewer] Recording Settings



    Please backup necessary recordings before changing time or image quality settings. If any of the aforementioned settings are changed and saved, the microSD card will be formatted and all recordings stored on the card including locked event files will be deleted in order to ensure optimal performance.


    NOTE: This article shows information of the firmware settings of the user's camera when the SD card is plugged into the computer and the camera settings are accessed via the SD Card Viewer option of the BlackVue PC Viewer.




    Normal recording

    When turned off the dashcam does not record in normal mode.


    Parking mode recording

    If enabled, the dashcam switches from normal mode to parking mode when the vehicle is turned off (ACC+) or stationary for 5 minutes (G-Sensor). There are two parking mode options. Choose “Motion & Impact detection” to save a parking recording when motion is detected in the dashcam’s field of view. If the G-sensor detects an impact/bump the dashcam saves a separate event recording file.

    Alternatively, if you choose “Time lapse” the camera continuously records 1 frame per second and saves recordings that playback at 30 times normal speed. If the G-sensor detects an impact/bump the camera saves a separate event recording file at normal speed.

    *Time Lapse Parking Recording mode is supported by DR750 Series (S, X, LTE) and DR900 Series (S, X) only.


    Rear camera recording in Parking Mode (Only for DR900S, DR590X, DR750X, DR900X, and DR750-2CH LTE)

    When turned off, the rear camera stops recording five minutes after entering parking mode. Recording restarts when entering normal mode.


    Voice recording

    When turned off the dashcam does not record audio.


    Date & time display

    Turn on/off the date and time display on videos.


    Speed unit

    Select km/h, MPH, or turn off.

    Video segment length

    Video segment length is fixed at 1 minute.

    A few older camera models and firmware support two- and three-segment video recording options.


    Lock event files

    Turning on this option will lock the following recording types and stop them from being overwritten by newer recordings:

    – Impact event recordings during normal and parking mode (E); and
    – Manual recordings (M).

    A maximum of 50 files can be locked. Once this limit is reached, to lock new recordings please review locked files on the microSD card and free up space, or enable ‘Overwrite locked files with new event files when storage is full’ to allow the oldest locked files to be overwritten.

    * This feature is only available for DR750 Series (S, X, LTE) and DR900 Series (S, X) only.


    Front camera rotation

    If you installed the front camera in a flipped position, use this setting to rotate the front camera image 180°.


    Rear camera orientation

    Use this setting to rotate the rear camera image 180° or mirror the video.


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