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Can I access internet on my smartphone when it is connected to a Cloud-compatible dashcam?



    If you own any of the camera models above, you cannot access the internet on your smartphone when it is connected to the dashcam's WiFi.


    The dashcam acts as a WiFi access point, but it does not provide the internet. This Direct WiFi connection of a mobile device (e.g. smartphone) to the camera allows the mobile device to access, modify, and save the camera settings and recordings only within the ten-meter range. 


    Once the mobile device is connected to the camera via the Direct WiFi function, the data of the mobile device will be disabled. Thus, net surfing is not possible at this point.



    DR750X/DR900X/DR750-2CH LTE

    We made it possible for our avid and loyal users to access the internet while their mobile device is connected to the camera via Direct WiFi with the 2020 lineup of new BlackVue camera models. Please refer to the detailed information below.






    With these new models, you can turn off the data of your phone and surf the internet using the data from the Nano SIM card or Hotspot transferred to your phone via the camera.


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