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What is a Cloud Code / QR Code?


    A Cloud Code is a fourteen alphanumeric code that is used to register a Cloud-compatible dashcam to a user's Cloud account for Cloud service. An equivalent QR code of this Cloud code is also available for scanning.

    The Cloud Code & QR code are found on the sticker attached on the camera case box that you will see after opening the box.



    If you need a Cloud / QR Code, please send a picture of the serial number sticker attached to the front camera as well as a screenshot of the camera's WiFi SSID that appears in the phone's Networks List to cs@pittasoft.com.




    A personalized camera SSID will not be accepted because such information does not appear in our Cloud Server Database. In this case, the default SSID should be provided for verification. Refer to this article on how you can confirm or reset the SSID and Password back to the original.


    NOTE: Only DR650GW Cloud Version, DR650S, DR750 Series (S, X, X Plus, and LTE), and DR900 Series (S, X,  and X Plus) cameras have a unique 14-character Cloud Code with a QR Code equivalent.


    DR590X does not support full Cloud features and DR590W does not support Cloud features at all.


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