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Changing WiFi Band for DR900 Series (S and X Models)


    Please follow the steps below to change the Wi-Fi band from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz:


    Using the Blackvue app on your phone:

    1. Select "Connect to camera" on the landing page.

    2. Click the gear icon 

    3. Choose Firmware settings.

    4. Go to Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi band > Choose 2.4Ghz

    5. After making any changes, go back to the Firmware settings menu, tap and tap Save and close.



    Using the Blackvue PC Viewer or Mac Viewer:

    1. Turn off the dashcam and remove the microSD card.


    2. Insert the card into the microSD card reader and connect it to a computer.

    3. Run the BlackVue Viewer program and the SD Card Viewer

    4. Go to Settings (Gear icon) > Firmware settings

    5. Click the Wi-Fi tab and choose 2.4Ghz under the Wi-Fi band.

    6. Click Save & Close.







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