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[BlackVue App] Sensitivity Settings



    Older camera models may not have the same settings as the information available is based on the latest camera model releases. Ignore settings for the rear camera if you own a single-channel (1CH camera model). 




    G-Sensor (Normal mode) / G-Sensor (Parking mode)



    The G-sensor measures the movement of your vehicle through 3 axes – up and down, side to side, and front and back. When the G-sensor detects significant or sudden movement (such as an impact or collision) it will trigger an event recording. You can adjust the sensitivity so minor incidents and bumps don’t trigger an event recording. To turn off event recordings by impact detection set the G-sensor sensitivity to off.



    Motion detection (Parking mode)



    In Motion Detection Parking Mode the dashcam continuously buffers video and saves a parking recording when motion is detected in the dashcam’s field of view.

    You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection so minor motion caused by wind or rain doesn’t trigger a recording. Please take into account your vehicle’s surroundings when adjusting the sensitivity. You can also choose the detection regions to reduce the risk of triggering unwanted motion recordings due to trees swaying in the wind, far-away moving objects, etc. By default, all the regions are selected. If you want to ignore motion detection in a particular region(s), unselect them.



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