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[BlackVue App] System Settings



    Older camera models may not have the same settings as the information available is based on the latest camera model releases. Ignore settings for the rear camera if you own a single-channel (1CH camera model).





    • Recording status

      • You can turn the recording status LED on/off.

    • Front security (Normal mode)

      • You can turn the security LED on/off for normal mode.

    • Front security (Parking mode)

      • You can turn the security LED on/off for parking mode.

    • Rear security
      • You can turn the security LED on/off.
    • LTE (Parking mode)
      • You can turn the LTE LED on/off for parking mode.
    • Wi-Fi (Parking mode)
      • You can turn the Wi-Fi LED on/off for parking mode.


    Proximity Sensor

    You can choose the function of the proximity sensor. Available options are:

    – Turn on/off audio recording (default)
    – Manual recording trigger

    The sensor can also be disabled completely.


    Voice guidance

    You can adjust the voice guidance (announcements) you want to hear.


    • Impact detected in parking mode voice alert notifies when exiting parking mode if an impact had been detected during parking mode, however, it ignores any impact detected within three minutes before exiting parking mode.



    You can adjust the volume of the voice guidance (announcements).


    Scheduled Reboot

    The dashcam reboots automatically once a day if in parking mode at the set time for improved stability. If the dashcam is recording at the set time, the scheduled reboot is skipped. You can enable/disable and change the time for scheduled rebooting. The default time is 03:00 am.


    Speed alert

    Set a speed limit (up to 300 km/h or 200 MPH) for the speed alert. When the vehicle exceeds the specified speed limit, the dashcam beeps and switches to event recording. After saving one event recording file the dashcam switches back to normal mode recording.


    Battery Protection (Hardwiring Power Cable installation only)

    When the battery protection is on, power is supplied to your BlackVue while the vehicle is off (ACC+ off) and also prevents the vehicle from battery discharge while it is parked. When enabled, BlackVue will automatically power down according to the set cut-off timer and voltage.

    •  Recommended settings for low voltage cut-off is 12V or higher during winter. – If battery protection is off, BlackVue will not operate when the vehicle is turned off (ACC+ off).


    User text overlay

    You can create a user text overlay of up to 20 characters using a combination of English letters (A – Z, a – z), numbers (0 – 9), and symbols (:;‘/+-_()$#). The text is overlaid in the top-left corner of the recorded videos.



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