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[BlackVue App] LTE/Wi-Fi Settings



    Older camera models may not have the same settings as the information available is based on the latest camera model releases. This setting applies to Wi-Fi and Cloud-compatible camera models only.




    Login credentials

    You can change the dashcam’s SSID and Wi-Fi login password.


    WiFi Band

    Only DR900 Series (S and X) support dual-band, so the user can switch between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Other Cloud-compatible dashcam models support the 2.4GHz band only.



    Wi-Fi auto turn off

    If this setting is activated, the Wi-Fi will automatically switch on when the dashcam is powered on. It will remain on until the WiFi button is pressed. You can adjust the settings for Wi-Fi to automatically turn off.




    Wi-Fi auto turn off

    Wi-Fi turns off it is inactive for 10 minutes.

    Wi-Fi does not turn off automatically.

    •  Wi-Fi auto turn-off setting does not affect Cloud connectivity of the Wi-Fi hotspots tied to the camera.



    If you are using an LTE-supported BlackVue camera, you can find the LTE activation setting in the Firmware Settings. If you want to use mobile data, turn on LTE.





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