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[BlackVue PC Viewer] Firmware Time Settings


    NOTE: This article shows the information on the firmware settings of the user's camera when the SD card is plugged into the computer and the camera settings are accessed via the SD Card Viewer option of the BlackVue PC Viewer.




    Time settings

    Select your time zone to auto-sync with GPS time or you can set the time and date manually after enabling the Manual time setting.



    •  The factory setting is GMT -11.
    Some examples of GMT time offsets are:

    – GMT-7: Los Angeles
    – GMT-4: New York
    – GMT+0: London
    – GMT+1: Paris
    – GMT+3: Moscow
    – GMT+8: Singapore
    – GMT+9: Seoul
    – GMT+10: Sydney


    If you are unsure of your GMT offset please look up your city on https://greenwichmeantime.com/
    *Selecting Daylight saving time will advance the clock by one hour

      When setting the time manually, please set to the expected time you will use the BlackVue (not the present time).



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