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Recording Video Segment Length


    BlackVue cameras are built to produce one-minute segments of video recordings. There are various considerations in setting the video segment length vis-a-vis longer video files. 

    • In the case of event detection, the camera will produce one-minute segments that are easier to locate, marked by red icons.
    • Transferring and/or copying files from the SD card to other storage (Internal Memory and Cloud Storage) takes lesser time to accomplish. The bitrate of 25Mbps (front camera) was introduced through a firmware update for the DR750S and the video clips are locked to one-minute video segments. At 25Mbps bitrate, a one-minute video file is about 187MB. This 25Mbps bitrate was applied to all camera models after DR750S, except for the DR590 Series (~12Mbps).
    • In line with the Live Event Auto-upload, larger files will consume more time to get saved to the Live Event Auto-upload Cloud Storage.
    • The camera is "multi-tasking" while it's running - it saves succeeding recording files while the user performs other tasks with the camera including manual copying of files to Cloud or Internal Memory, firmware settings access, and live view among others. This means that it consumes more power during simultaneous operations, and managing shorter files lessens heat generation.
    • The camera records in an overlooping fashion - writing data (i.e. recording files) and overwriting data (i.e. overwriting older files). If one file contains, for example, five minutes of recording, the data contained in that five-minute recording will all be lost once the camera starts overwriting it with new data. In addition, the file writing process of a one-minute clip minimizes the damage caused if some failure occurs.
    • It takes a long time to wade through a longer video to locate the exact time when the event occurred.


    NOTE: Some older camera models and older firmware versions support two-minute and three-minute video recordings. However, using older firmware may not support newer functions and the latest updates on the BlackVue Mobile App and computer software. File transfer time via WiFi and Cloud may take a longer time.


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