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How to delete BlackVue account?



    If you delete your BlackVue Cloud account, we will delete all information associated with your account, including any video recordings and location data that may be stored on our services. Once deleted, this information cannot be recovered.


    Deleting your account does not cancel any plan or subscription you may have purchased, as payments are handled by third-party processors.

    • In-app purchases can be canceled through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    • BlackVue Fleet subscriptions can be canceled either in your PayPal account or BlackVue Cloud website (www.blackvuecloud.com) on Payments & Subscriptions page.
    • SIM card data plan subscription can be canceled at sim.blackvuecloud.com.


    Via the BlackVue Mobile App

    1. Log in to your account then go to the Profile tab.
    2. Select the More tab.
    3. Click App Settings.
    4. Click Delete account
    5. Read the terms before deleting your account and click the "Delete account" button to proceed.



    Via the BlackVue Cloud Website (www.blackvuecloud.com)

    1. Go to www.blackvuecloud.com and click the "Start Web Viewer" button on the upper right corner of the landing page.
    2. Enter your email and password to proceed with the login.
    3. Click the Account icon (Account profile picture) located on the top right corner of the page that appears and then click Account.
    4. Select Delete account on the left panel.
    5. Read the terms/conditions before deleting the account and then press the Delete account button if you agree to proceed deleting your account.



    NOTE: If you access the BlackVue PC Viewer to delete your BlackVue account, you can click the "Cloud Web Viewer" button and you will be directed to www.blackvuecloud.com website.




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