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Cloud Connectivity Issues


    If you experience connectivity issues with the Cloud (e.g. frequent disconnection, not connecting at all, etc), please check the following information below.


    Is my hotspot properly configured?

    A hotspot usually refers to an external device that can provide an internet connection to the camera for remote access via the Cloud. This could be a WiFi router at your home or in the office. This could also be a portable WiFi device that you can leave in your car.

    • Cloud Activation via hotspot is a preferable option for DR650GW, DR650S, DR750S, and DR900S series.
    • The DR970X, DR770X, DR770X BOX, DR900X/DR900X Plus and DR750X/DR750X Plus models also support Cloud Activation via hotspot. However, since the external LTE module is compatible with these models, a SIM Card can be used with this module to activate Cloud service.
    • The LTE models have a built-in SIM card slot where a SIM card can be inserted and activated for Cloud service.

    Please check this link on how to configure the Cloud hotspot properly.


    Is my LTE Connectivity Module/SIM Card successfully activated?

    For the X/X Plus series (DR750X/X Plus, DR900X/X Plus, DR770X, DR770X BOX, DR970X) and LTE series (DR750 LTE, DR750X LTE Plus, DR770X LTE, DR970X LTE) models, either a built-in LTE module or an external connectivity module is made available for Cloud connection.


    For the DR750X/X Plus, DR900X/X Plus, DR770X, DR770X BOX, and DR970X, an external LTE module is an accessory in which a SIM Card can be inserted and activated for the camera to get connected to the Cloud. You can check here how to set up the CM100(G)-LTE Connectivity Module. 


    For DR750-2CH LTE and DR750X-2CH LTE Plus, the SIM card can be inserted in the built-in SIM card slot. You can follow these procedures for activating the SIM card.


    Connectivity to Cloud Switches from Hotspot to SIM Card Connection and Vice-Versa

    Another possibility that the camera connects and then disconnects is because of the switching of the camera from the SIM Card connection to the Hotspot connection. Although the connection priority was set to the Hotspot connection, connect-disconnect errors can occur because of an unstable internet connection for either or both connection options.


    The Camera does not get connected to the Cloud at all

    You can do all or some of the following procedures, according to your camera model.

    • Check if Cloud Service is enabled in the Firmware Settings > Cloud.
    • Check if the hotspot tied to the camera supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands (for the DR900 series) or 2.4GHz only (for other camera models).
    • Update/reload the firmware of the camera.
    • Check if the LTE camera model or CM100(G) LTE module version is supported in your country.



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