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Fleet Management Overview


    You can manage your fleet with BlackVue Cloud. There are 3 different roles to be used to manage your fleet. Refer to what each role is capable of doing.


    Roles and permissions

    Role / Permission Owner Admin Driver
    Search members O O No access granted to Driver on Fleet Management at blackvuecloud.com
    Invite members (Admin) O X
    Invite members (Driver) O O
    Delete members (Admin) O X
    Delete members (Driver) O X
    Create groups O X
    Delete groups O X
    Rename groups O X
    Assign dashcams to groups O O
    Delete assigned dashcams O O
    Assign Admin to groups O X
    Delete assigned Admins O X
    Assign Driver to dashcams O O
    Delete assigned Driver O O
    Grant access to a set of management functions (Admin) O X
    View a set of management functions granted (Admin) O O
    Delete account O O


    Glossary for fleet management

    Terms Definition of terms
    Owner It is the account that paid for the fleet plan. An Owner account can add and delete any cameras.
    Admin It is the account that joined your fleet on BlackVue cloud after accepting an email invitation from the Owner. Admin accounts may be given the rights which the Owner permits for that Admin.
    Driver It is the account that joined your fleet on BlackVue cloud after accepting an email invitation from the Owner or Admin. A driver may be assigned to only one camera with the limited ability to view his or her own account profile; his or her assigned camera’s live view and playback.
    Members Admins and Drivers are called members of the BlackVue Cloud’s fleet management system. All the members will be listed on the Member page.
    Invitation email An invitation email is sent to the Owner's account would add to his or her fleet. The invitation notes the role the member is invited with. All the accounts invited by the owner differ from the regular accounts signed up for the BlackVue Cloud service. The invitation determines the role of each member, hence the Owner account holder must take that into consideration before inviting a member. To change a member’s role, delete the member and invite the same member with a different role.
    Pending It is the member's status of the invited either as Admin or Driver on the Member page. Unless the invited accepts the request to join the fleet, it remains pending.
    Accepted If the member accepts the email invitation, the member status will change to Accepted.
    Expired The email invitation expires within 3 days from the date of the invitation and the member states will change as Expired.
    Member – Delete Only the Owner account can delete the invited member regardless of the member status (Accepted, Pending, or Expired). The Owner account may as well invite the deleted email again. BlackVue allows the deleted email to be used to sign up for the BlackVue Cloud service.
    Remove The Owner account can remove assigned Admins or Drivers in the Group page. The removed Admin or Driver will still be found on the Member page.
    Permissions The Owner account may give controlled access to the Admin account. Permissions will be set up when inviting a member as Admin. Even after the Admin joined the fleet, the Owner account can save any changes on the permissions to control the Admin access.



    Glancing at your fleet account’s dashboard, you will be able to find the overall statistics of your fleet. If you are subscribed to a Free or Smart plan, upgrade to a Fleet plan to enjoy a lot more BlackVue cloud offers.

    1. You will find the dashboard immediately after you log in on blackvuecloud.com. You will be able to find the number of registered cameras, Admins, and Drivers.


    2. Set the period during which you will find the data.

    dashboard date picker


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