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[BlackVue App] Camera Notification Settings


    How to check camera notification history

    Go to the Camera tab and tap the Notification icon (bell) of a camera.

    The notifications will be displayed and grouped according to the date.


    The notification icon will show you the number of notifications that have not been checked.

    Unchecked notification numbers will be cleared when you enter the notification history screen. 


    How to filter camera notifications in the notifications list

    You can also filter the notifications according to the date or recording type.


    Choose which notification type to receive

    From the notifications list screen, click the Settings icon (Gear Icon) located in the upper right corner and select the notification types you want to receive on your phone and/or email.


    You can customize your Push Notifications (i.e. the notifications sent to your phone) by activating the Push Notifications feature. In case the Push Notifications button is toggled to the left (i.e. deactivated), you will not receive any notifications to your phone at all.


    For Fleet users, you can also choose whether to receive notifications to your email. In addition, you can add two more people (emails) to receive the same notification types you set under the Email Notifications setting.


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