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[BlackVue App] Live Event Upload Settings


    On the Cloud server, there are two types of file storage; Blackvue Cloud and Live event upload. BlackVue Cloud storage retains all the files uploaded from the SD card in your dashcam. If you turn on Live event upload, all the event files will be automatically saved in Live event upload storage.

    1. Tap menu button on blackvue app to draw up the camera menu.


    2. Tap on Settings and Live Event Upload. It is off by default. Turn it on to save event videos in Live event upload (Cloud).


    3. When Live event upload is on, you can change recording settings per each event detected by the dashcam. By default, only Impact detection is on. Tap the events you want to save in the Live event upload.


    On the left image above, you will see a general setting for BlackVue dashcams. However, the DR750X-3CH Plus model (connectable to DMC100) and X Plus Series with DMS (connectable to DMC200) have slightly different settings as you can find in the right image above. You have more Live event upload preferences which include Driver Monitoring System (DMS) triggered events from the interior camera facing a driver.


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