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Managing Members of a Fleet Account (Inviting and Assigning of Roles)


    Fleet account owners can add and/or delete the members of their fleet. The members can either have the Admin (Submaster) or Driver (User) role. This also includes the assigning of members to a Submaster and the assigning of cameras to a particular driver (User) of the fleet. Follow the steps below on how to do so.


    1. Go to Fleet management. You will see the member list. Click on the + Invite members button.

    member management

    2. Type in the member’s email address and select the member’s role between Driver and Admin.

    member invite

    3. Once an invitation has been sent, you will see a toast message (Invitation sent) at the right bottom.

    invitation toast

    4. You can invite up to 10 Admins. Once you reach the Admin limit, you will find the message below. From then on, you will only be able to add Drivers.

    submaster limit

    *Note: Take into account that you can’t change the role assigned to Admin or Driver. If you want to change the role, you will have to delete that member and assign the role to that member when inviting again.


    5. To delete the Driver, click the three horizontal dots on the rightmost side of a member's name and then select the Delete button.

    member list

    6. We ask you one last time if you really wish to proceed with member deletion. Click the delete button to delete the member.

    delete message



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