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Geo-fencing (BlackVue Web Viewer)


    A geo-fence is a virtual area drawn in the BlackVue Web Viewer map that represents a certain real-world geographical area. Geo-fences are created by fleet tracking companies to monitor the activities in a particular real-world geographical area represented by the geo-fence. To create geo-fences in the BlackVue Web Viewer, follow the procedures below. You should be logged into your account at blackvuecloud.com/login.


    1. Click on Geofences.

    2. Click Add geofence. A maximum of 20 geofences can be added.



    3. Select which shape of the geofence you would like to add to the map. All other geofences already on the map will disappear when adding a new shape. 



    4. Start drawing the selected shape by clicking anywhere on the map.



    You can create a polygon shape zone by clicking as many points on the map as you would like. It is a useful type of shape since you can pinpoint a certain area on the map as shown below. An undo button is available if you move a point of the zone after creating one.

    geo fence polygon

    geo fence polygon2

    geo fence polygon3


    Rectangle & Circle

    geo fence rectangle

    geo fence circle



    Use a polyline zone for a certain route you would like to get alerted upon passing. You will be alerted when you pass these lines.


    geo fence polyline


    5. Name the geofence, select the color, and adjust the opacity/transparency.



    Change opacity. From top to bottom, you can see 50% (default), 75%, and 100% opacity levels.

    geo fence polygon transparency

    geo fence polygon transparency2

    geo fence polygon transparency3


    6. Select whether you would like the camera to send you notifications whenever your car enters/exits a geofence. You can also select the camera(s) to which the geofence settings apply.

    7. Click Save to finish adding a geofence.



    Editing Geofences

    Click the geofence you want to edit (for example, the red circular geofence below).



    Drag the shape from any of the points to change the size of the geofence. You can also change the geofence's name, color, opacity level, notification type, and to which camera to apply the settings.


    NOTE: The shape of an existing geofence cannot be changed to other shapes.


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