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[BlackVue Web Viewer] Camera on Map View



    This is the main view on the Cloud Web Viewer. On the left, you will see your camera and file list. On the right, you will see the map. By default, you will see all the public BlackVue cameras including your own. 

    2. If you click on the mceclip6.png button, you will see your cameras only. All other publicly shared cameras will be removed from the map.


    3. Your camera icon contains some information such as camera name, parking mode, driving mode, cloud connectivity, and speed. Note that this information is updated in real-time.


    4. Cloud connectivity: When your camera is connected to the cloud, the BlackVue icon has color on it. This icon will be grayed out when your camera is disconnected.





    5. Full-screen mode: Click the icon mceclip5.png located somewhere on the upper right side of the screen to see the map in full-screen mode.



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