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[BlackVue PC Viewer] Playing and Managing Video Recordings (via Cloud)


    With BlackVue PC viewer, you can playback all the videos recorded while you enjoy driving. There are 3 different tabs (Camera, Cloud, and Live event upload) when you click any camera on the camera list.


    Camera Tab (BlackVue Tab)

    *These recordings are saved in the SD card.

    1. BlackVue Tab: You will find playback videos on the BlackVue tab. This tab contains the videos saved in the SD card.

    camera list

    file list

    2. Select any videos to copy (or upload) to cloud or copy to local disk (or download).

    file selected on file list

    3. Filter the videos by clicking on the events and camera view at the top of the microSD card file list.

    filter files on file list


    front camera

    Front camera

    rear camera

    Rear camera

    normal camera

    Normal mode

    event camera

    Event mode

    parking mode

    Parking mode

    manual mode

    Manual mode

    refresh button

    Refresh the videos on the camera list


    Cloud Tab

    *These recordings are the files manually transferred from the SD card and/or Live Auto-upload folder to the Cloud storage.

    1. Cloud > Cloud Storage Tab: If you uploaded any videos to the cloud, you will find two different tabs. All the videos you have uploaded to the cloud are found on this tab.

    file list on cloud


    2. Select any videos to delete or copy to the local disk (or download).

    file copy or delete on cloud


    Live event upload

    1. Cloud > Live Event Upload Tab: All the event videos will be saved in the Live event upload tab.

    2. Click Copy to Local Disk to move the files to your local disk. You will be able to find them in the local storage of your computer.

    *If you play any video, you will be able to find a BlackVue icon on the map. As the video plays at the top, you will see it moving along the street on the map.

    **Live event upload will save an event video that contains a 5-second video recording prior to the event. You will be able to rewind what happened before the event happened.


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