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How do I watch Live View via the BlackVue Web Viewer?


    Watching Live View over the Cloud using Web Viewer:

    *You should be logged in to your account at blackvuecloud.com/login

    1. Click on any camera connected to the cloud and the Live View button. The viewer will toss you to the Live View of the camera.



    2. By default, you will see a single live view of a camera. You can switch between the front and the rear view also (2).


    1) Camera name and camera model name

    2) Camera view (Front or Rear)

    3) Multiview On/Off

    4) Volume/Mute

    5) Camera Flip (Horizontally or Vertically)

    6) Full screen (Camera)

    7) Map Type

    8) Full screen (Map)

    9) Zoom In/Out (Map)


    3. Toggle the button of the Multiview to the right to access the live view of other registered cameras to your account. These cameras should also be connected to the Cloud.



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