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[BlackVue Web Viewer] Manage Your Cloud Dashcam From Any Browser


    The BlackVue Web Viewer is the new way to manage your Cloud-connected dashcam on a computer or any browser. While designed for desktop and laptop users, it can be a good option for users of iPads and other larger-sized tablets as well.


    How to access the Web Viewer

    We updated the BlackVue Viewer for Windows and macOS.

    You can access the BlackVue Web Viewer either from the shortcut in the BlackVue Viewer or directly go to www.blackvuecloud.com in your favorite browser.

    Compatible with all major browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer 11, the BlackVue Web Viewer makes it easy to manage your Cloud-connected dash cams no matter your operating system.


    Faster than the Cloud Viewer

    By being completely web-based, our developers managed to improve the performance of the Web Viewer. When compared to its predecessor the Cloud Viewer, you might notice faster access to your dashcam’s Live View or Cloud footage.


    What dashcam models are compatible with the Web Viewer?

    The Web Viewer supports all Cloud-compatible dashcams except DR650GW and DR650S Series. You can still access the Legacy Cloud Viewer with the previous version of the BlackVue Viewer (BlackVue Windows Viewer v3.04, BlackVue Mac Viewer v3.05)

    For every Cloud compatible model, your dashcam should be supported. However, to enjoy all the features of the Web Viewer, including the ability to change your dashcams’ firmware settings, we recommend updating to the latest firmware.

    For information, as of the Web Viewer’s release date, these are the latest firmware versions for each Web Viewer-compatible BlackVue dashcam:

    Dashcam model Firmware version
    DR900X Plus Series (1CH/2CH) 1.000
    DR750X Plus Series (1CH/2CH) 1.002
    DR750-2CH LTE 1.007
    DR900X-2CH 1.007
    DR900X-1CH 1.007
    DR750X-2CH 1.007
    DR750X-1CH 1.007
    DR900S-2CH 1.013
    DR900S-1CH 1.013
    DR750S-2CH 1.018
    DR750S-1CH 1.018

    Basic features overview

    In the video below, you can have a look at how to create your BlackVue Cloud account and manage your dashcam remotely with the Web Viewer.

    Fleet Tracking features overview

    The BlackVue Web Viewer is ideal for Fleet Plan users. This video gives you an overview of the fleet tracking features:




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