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Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Cameras


    The infrared Driver-Monitoring Camera is designed to improve driver safety by helping prevent risky driving behaviors. The first model (DMC100) is part of the three-channel DR750X-3CH DMS Plus model that monitors the driver at all times. The second model (DMC200) is designed for the and DR770X series, DR900X-2CH DMS Plus, DR750X-2CH DMS Plus, DR750X-2CH DMS LTE Plus NA+SIM, and DR750X-2CH DMS LTE Plus GL cameras.


    At a Glance

    The following diagrams explain each part of the BlackVue DMS camera.






    Product Specifications


    Product Dimensions: Black / L: 113.5mm x W 66.4 mm x H 38.4mm / 139 g (4.90 oz)

    Imaging Sensor: CMOS Sensor (Approx. 1M Pixel)

    Viewing Angle: Diagonal 54°, Horizontal 43°, Vertical 32°

    Resolution Frame Rate: HD (1280×720) @ 10 fps

    Image Quality and Bitrate: Highest (Extreme) 8 Mbps / Highest 8 Mbps / High 6 Mbps / Normal 4 Mbps




    Driver Monitoring System Features


    Recording Time

    Separate recording time data for the DMS cameras are not available. The recording time data found in the table below is based on the recording time of DR750X-3CH DMS Plus/DR750S-3CH DMS Truck Plus, while the DMC100 is connected to the main (front) camera.


    The following table contains the recording time for DR770X-2CH DMS camera model.



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