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BlackVue Simcard FAQ


    Check out frequently asked questions regarding the BlackVue SIM Card.


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    1 What is the network Coverage of BlackVue Simcard in the North American region? Its 4G LTE Simcard supports B2, B4, and B12 Band networks. Compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T, Roger,s and Telus networks.
    2 Will it be available in other regions aside from North America

    For now, it will be only available in North America. We are carefully considering expanding the service outside the said region. We will further update our customers with regard to the progress of this plan.

    3 What are the available data plans? BlackVue Simcard data plan
    1GB-10.99 USD
    3GB- 23.99 USD
    5GB- 39.99 USD
    4 Does acquiring a dashcam with Simcard require me to pay every month? No. Definitely not. We are giving at least one month of free 1GB data plan. After the free data plan, customers may opt to continue or buy prepaid data for the month. The plan can be canceled anytime without commitment.
    5 If I bought and subscribe to the Simcard data plan, will that allows me to use the BlackVue Cloud without limit? 

    No. When you are subscribed to the Simcard plan, you are buying internet data to connect to the cloud. Therefore you may need to subscribe separately to the BlackVue cloud plan to have unlimited access to your camera or to use up to 3 cameras in 1 account. Accessing the cloud requires an internet connection so your Simcard data plan can be the internet provider. 

    6 If I run out of data can I buy additional data for that month as add-ons? Unfortunately, customers can't add data to their plan in the same month. However, they can change the data plan according to their usage and the change will be applied on the next month.
    7 What BlackVue models come with BlackVue Simcard? - We recommend using the BlackVue Simcard on the following model:
    DR750X-2CH LTE Plus
    DR750X-2CH LTE IR Plus
    DR750X-2CH LTE Truck Plus
    8 If the customer is under a fleet of cameras, can the Blackvue Simcard be switched from one camera to another? Simcard can be used on any camera because it is not dependent on a particular camera.
    9 Can the Customer change his email address (BlackVue Account) while using the Blackvue Simcard? First, unsubscribe from the sim card and delete the sim card at the expiration of the usage period. After deleting it from your account, register it with a new account and subscribe.
    10 If the Blackvue Simcard was not activated for over a year, Can the sim card still be reactivated or will it be best to order a new Blackvue Sim card? If the sim card is not activated for a year, it will be activated automatically and the free trial period will begin. It means after 14 months, the sim card will be terminated. The user needs to request a new sim card from CS Team.
    11 If the customer has updated and paid for a new sim card subscription plan, is the payment going to be handled by Blackvue? We use Stripe payment system just like Fleet plan subscription. Payment details and receipts can be found on the BlackVue SIM card detail page and will also be sent to your email.
    12 If the customer has subscribed to the Blackvue Simcard Plan (1G,3G,5G) for an unknown reason and decided to stop using the Blackvue sim card for a month without consuming all data usage, will the remaining data expire Yes, all the remaining data will expire.
    13 How can I check the data left and used on my subscription? Access the BlackVue Simcard management page. The home screen of the APP and the Web viewer's side navigation bar have the "BlackVue SimCard" menu. You can check the data left and used on the BlackVue Simcard list and sim card detail page.
    14 Can I get a higher data package? 5Gb might not be sufficient to manage my cloud service. No, If there are many requests for a high data package, we can consider an additional data package higher than 5GB. However not now.
    15 I have data left on my Simcard and I want to switch this Simcard on my other camera, can I use this on a different dashcam? Yes you can
    16 I have 2 Gb left on my current subscription, can this data roll over to my next month's subscription? No, we don't support it.
    17 I used up all my data on my sim card after 15 days of activation, and I can no longer connect to the cloud, is there any option where I can buy additional data on my plan? Currently, there is no way to buy additional data.
    18 Simcard is not working, I activated it using the BV app but won't connect to the cloud. Is it possible that this sim card is defective? Blackvue sim card is automatically activated when power is applied to the camera. If there is an issue with the SIM card, we should check the user's case. The sim card could be defective.
    19 Is this sim card available only on your website, can I purchase from one of your distributors/resellers? Currently, it can only be purchased through the CS team.
    20 How can I avail of the plan as the status on my account says it is terminated? When the sim card is terminated, the user should contact the cs team to receive a new sim.
    21 Will the sim work if I will bring my camera outside the US territory? BlackVue Simcards are available in the USA, and Canada only. We support T-mobile, AT&T, Telus, and Bell networks.
    It can work in other countries, but we inform users that we only support USA and Canada. The available area table of the deliberation will be delivered only to the cs team. Please refer to it for work.
    22 Will I receive notifications about my data consumption? Phone push notifications & Email Notifications
    Raise an alert when the subscription has expired.
    Raise an alert a day before the SIM is terminated.
    Raise an alert 7 days before the SIM is terminated.
    Raise an alert when the data usage consumption was 80% used.
    Raise an alert when the usage limit is reached.


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