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BlackVue Simcard Data Plan and Compatible Models


    BlackVue introduces the new Blackvue SIM Card Plan to support your Cloud needs!


    One month free. Cancel anytime.

    The BlackVue SIM Card is the easiest way to get started with BlackVue Cloud.
    BlackVue SIM activates automatically in the dashcam upon setup. 

    BlackVue Simcard comes with 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB Data Plan


    (*) Estimates are based on 4.5MB per minute of Live View, Quick View remote playback, or Live Event Upload file, and 190MB per full original resolution video download or playback (at 25Mbps bitrate). Daily idle Cloud connection data usage: 20MB per 24 hours. Data usage is shared among all types of services (Live View, Event upload, etc.). 


    Compatible Models

    The BlackVue SIM Card is available with the DR750X LTE Plus Series. 
    Currently only available with North America (NA) versions.




    NOTE: SIM Data Plans are separate from Cloud Plans.

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