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BlackVue SIM Card Activation Tutorial via App (Video)


    Users who own the recently released BlackVue SIM card can follow the procedures found in the SIM Card activation video guide below.



    Prepare the following:

    • An LTE Dashcam
    • SIM Card Eject Tool
    • BlackVue SIM Card



    1. Insert the BlackVue SIM Card into your dashcam.
      • To Insert the SIM Card, remove the bracket from the front camera.
      • Press the LOCK button and pull.
      • Then open SIM Slot by using the SIM eject tool.
      • Take out the nano-SIM card (smallest size).
      • Position the SIM on the tray and insert it.
      • Power the dashcam before proceeding to the next step.
    2. Add your camera.
      • Launch the BlackVue App and Log-in or sign-up for a free account.
      • After you're logged in, select Connect to Cloud.
      • Tap "+" in the top right corner.
      • Select Seamless Pairing and tap Next.
        • The App will detect your camera automatically.
      • Select the camera you want to pair and tap the ">" button
      • Select "Allow: if you'd like to allow the app to access your dashcam's GPS.
      • Put your hand on the camera's touch/proximity sensor.
      • When your dashcam is connected, select Continue.
    3. Connect to BlackVue Cloud
      • Select BlackVue SIM Card
      • Enter your BlackVue SIM ICCID number.
        • The ICCID number is printed on the SIM card package.
      • Enter the last 14 digits (after 89642) of the ICCID number.
      • Take note of your subscription period and select Next.
      • Enter your billing information and select "Try 1 month free"
      • Select OK and you are done.



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