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Drowsiness Tracking Graphs


    Drowsiness Tracking Graphs

    AI features such as drowsiness detection are only as useful as the data they generate. That’s why data visualization is almost as important as data collection itself. 

    About Drowsiness Tracking Graphs

    For users of the BlackVue DMS (Driver Monitoring System) dash cam models featuring the DMC200 (Driver Monitoring Camera), the new Drowsiness Graphs help make sense of the data gathered by the AI-powered camera. 

    More importantly, the Drowsiness Graphs help you quickly identify the occurrences of drowsiness by displaying the data in a detailed yet easy-to-understand way. 

    Drowsiness Tracking Graphs compatibility and where to find them

    The Drowsiness Tracking Graphs are supported by the BlackVue Web Viewer.

    The Drowsiness Tracking Graphs can be accessed via the Live Event Upload tab. 

    1. Select your camera and the Playback menu.
    2. Click on the Live Event Upload tab.
    3. Identify and click on an AI “Drowsy” Event.
    4. View the Drowsiness Tracking Graph.


    How to read the graphs

    The Drowsiness Tracking Graphs screen is shown under the videos in the Live Event Upload tab. The Drowsiness Graphs show on a timeline the left and right eyes’ statuses, from wide open to closed. 

    Highlighted in red are the moments of drowsiness as detected by the driver monitoring camera.


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