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    Hi Andy,

    The Blackvue DR650S-2CH should enter parking mode after ten minutes of being powered-up with the vehicle stationary. When power is on the cameras are continuously recording to a memory buffer (hence Live View is possible) but only write to the SD card under certain circumstances that are configurable in the Settings.

    Try these settings:

    Firmware > Basic
    Auto switching to Parking Mode = ON
    Firmware > Sensitivity
    G-Sensor (Normal Mode) = 2 (all three directions)
    G-Sensor (Parking Mode) = 80 (all three directions)
    Motion Detection (Parking Mode) = 1
    Firmware > Other
    Security LED (Front Camera)
       Normal Mode LED = OFF
       Parking Mode LED = ON
    Voice Guidance (tick the following)
       Power On = ON
       Starting Normal Recording = ON
       Starting Event Recording (Beep) = ON
       Change Recording Mode = ON

    I suggest that you sit in the car and power-up the system and listen to the audible alerts.  After ten minutes the Front Camera should announce that it is going into Parking Mode.  It will have recorded ten minutes worth of Normal Recording Files to the SD Card.  After that Parking Mode recording will depend upon Motion being detected or you opening or closing the door (vibration).  If it does not do this, I suggest that you could return it to Halfords as faulty goods.

    If you switch on Motion detection with a setting of 1, you ought to find that you get too many recordings as the sensitivity to the slightest movement in the field of vision is way too high. I have asked for this to made less sensitive in the next firmware upgrade (and Blackvue are looking in to this).

    Hope this helps.

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    David Bower

    You need to keep it powered up after you leave the car, I use a Blackvue Power Magic Pro (about £25).

    Yours is probably wired to a switched live supply in the fuse box so it shuts down with ignition off. Even a permanent supply in the fuse box might power down if your car has a battery monitoring system.

    You could wire it directly to the battery but then you risk draining your battery if left on too long.

    The Power Magic Pro connects to the battery but it monitors the voltage to power Dashcam down if it goes below 12V. You can also set a maximum time period if you want.

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    Thanks for the reply. I have since had the power magic pro installed at Halfords, setting set to infinite. However, I still found that parking mode only lasted about 40 mins before switching off, at its a new car! 

    Bad new is their rep said to try updating the software to 1.006 and now the camera switches on and off every 10 mins when driving, I'm left with a completely useless camera!

    Anyone actually got the parking mode to work? Is it the software or do I need to get someone to check the installation? I actually can't find any company who is prepared to refit the camera!


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