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Turn Indicator LEDs

A useful "Other Accessory" would be LEDs that could be mounted on the dash near the windscreen lower edge that repeated the turn signal flashing and were visible to the front camera. It would then be possible to prove that you were indicating correctly before a manoeuvre.  

At the moment only the audio recording can prove indication happened if there is an audible alert (but not the indicated direction).  Setting the front camera low to include the dash binnacle does not capture the turn indicators. 


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    Shagufta Shamid
    1. Function: Turn indicator LEDs serve as a visual communication tool to indicate when a driver intends to turn left or right. When activated, they emit a blinking or flashing light, alerting other drivers and pedestrians of the upcoming turn.

    2. Controls: The driver controls the turn indicator LEDs using the vehicle's turn signal lever or stalk, typically located on the steering column. When the driver pushes the lever up or down, depending on the desired direction, the corresponding turn indicator LEDs start flashing.

    3. Blinking Pattern: Turn indicator LEDs flash in a specific pattern to provide clear and recognizable signals to others on the road. The flashing pattern usually consists of a series of rapid on-off cycles, with a consistent frequency. This pattern helps differentiate turn signals from other lights on the vehicle and allows other drivers to anticipate fun the direction of the turn.

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    Hassan Raza

    Adding story saver LED turn indicator lights near the windscreen's lower edge, visible to the front camera, would be a helpful addition. It would allow drivers to visually confirm correct signaling before a maneuver, complementing audio recordings which may not capture the indicated direction. This could enhance safety and provide additional evidence of signaling compliance.

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    Mia Andrew

    Your suggestion of mounting LEDs on the dash near the windscreen to repeat the turn signal flashing for the front camera is excellent. This would provide visual proof of proper indication before a maneuver, addressing the current limitation where only audio recording can confirm indication without showing the directions so check this website.

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