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Make current recording to an event!

When I see something I want to save when driving, I would like to have the option to make current recording to an event by pressing a button or tapping the camera.

Why isn't it possible?


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    David Bower

    There are many ways Blackvue could be improved. The built-in speakers are useless and are drowned out by noise, so a Bluetooth function to play though the car speakers would be a great idea. I'd like to see it accept a limited range of voice commands - e.g your idea - "save current video".

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    Hi Mikael,

    If you have the DR650S ...

    Why not set the Firmware "Other" Tab to ...

          Proximity Sensor = Manual Recording (rather than Voice Recording)

    ... then when driving if you put your hand near the camera the Normal Recording becomes a Manual recording. You can then filter the video selection in the PC viewer (or in the Smartphone App) to Manual Recordings only.

    Of course this means that you give up the option of turning audio recording on/off using the proximity sensor.

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    Mikael Johansson

    Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for!

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    Thumps up NP. 

    But it would be great if 'Proximity Sensor' could be configured as a function that just tag the last 3 mins and the next 3 mins of recording as important and saved it so it couldn't be overwritten. 

    That would be something that I would appreciate, used that function a lot on my old dashcam.  


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    Nick c

    Agreed Claus


    absolutely the main thing i did was tag something when i saw it... and mainly the LOCKING of the last 3 mins would just about do the job... especially seeing as even with a 64 gig it would possibly overwrite within a few days of driving if i forgot to export a specific event. To be honest the main use for my dash cam is recording odd things we see - which isnt triggered by G force. So being able to save 5-10-15 events and then reviewing them every now and then to save the good ones is how i would use it - unless im missing something. I get you can use prox sensor - but i dont think it locks the old files the same way my crappy uniden one used to...

    Does prox manual record let you set previous saving minutes ? i dont see the point of a manual record forwards as its usually only when something has happened that we think to trigger a save/lock.

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