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DR650S-2CH IR Cloud & IR question

Hi, I've got this new camera since a few days and two questions:

1. How can I automatically upload all movies whevenever internet over WiFi is available?

2. Is here a third camera in the rear device for internal monitoring or do I have to twist the camera towards the interior?

Best regards

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    Hello Sven De Paepe,

    Thank you for choosing BlackVue.


    1. The auto upload feature is not available at the moment but is expected to be implemented within few months.

    2. In our product line, we don't have any 3 channel dashcam to record front, rear and interior simultaneously. So you have to rotate the IR camera towards interior.Once you do so, you can configure the "Rear camera 180 degree rotation"  settings in the dashcam settings -> Recording Settings so that the dashcam won't record the video upside-down.

    I hope it helps.

    Thank you


    Best Regards

    BlackVue Support Team

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