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Car location not being updated on Windows Viewer

When playing back on the windows viewer, the car location is set to the last position of the vehicle in the 1 minute video file. It does not update and show the location of the vehicle during playback.

Using THE SAME file on the iPhone the location is updated on the map in real time.

I am using:

DR650S-2CH AND a DR650S-1CH (problem is the same on two units). Firmware 1.006

Windows Viewer version 1.10, Windows 10 Pro

Does anyone else have this problem?

I have contacted support and I cannot believe the reply....

I have been asked to return the Dashcam(s) as it "may" be faulty... however as I told them, I already have 2, yes 2 brand new units, purchased separately, BOTH show the same problem.. I DO NOT believe there is any chance that both units would be faulty with exactly the same problem (and the files do play back on iPhone perfectly)....!!!

I am VERY disappointed with the technical support, to me this is far from technically competent support.


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    David Bower

    Sounds like a problem with the Windows app then. It can't be the camera GPS as this is working fine on your iPhone.

    My suggestion would be to investigate the windows app, I don't use it myself is there a setting that disables location?

    Otherwise reinstall the Windows app.

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    Hello Daryl

     Our apologies for the inconvenience. You don't have to return the cameras for RMA. Indeed there is some issue with the viewer on your specific computer which is rendering the gps file unable to load. We will send you an email in which you can refer to the attached files ( the ones you sent to us) which were played on our PC and the maps are working fine. 

    Please reinstall the viewer on your PC and see if it fixes the issue.  Also please download the legacy viewer from our website and check if the files can be played well there.

    Thank you 

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    Hi Daryl,

    Not an issue on my setup ...

    • DR650S-2CH
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Viewer v1.10
    • Firmware v1.007
    • 128 Gb SD (Scandisk Extreme Plus)
    • USB 2 Card Reader

    ... map updates as film plays and Icon shows MPH.

    Have you been deleting any video files in the Windows Viewer?

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    Daryl Waldock

    Thanks for the replies,

    I am glad to hear it is working OK for some people.

    I am using Windows 10 Pro, fully patched, version 1703 build 15063.413

    It is installed on 2 different PC's one on old PC with OS reinstalled only 7 months, the other is a brand new PC, 2 weeks old, so it has not even had time to get corruptions and crap in the OS.....

    Yes I agree, it is likely to be an App problem, I suspect a problem with the latest version of Windows???

    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, upgraded the app, installed on 2 PCs. all the same.

    I have downloaded and used the old legacy app and this works fine, no problem (but playback is not clear, cannot go full screen and is jerky in playback). And it works on iPhone and Legacy App.... not the new app....

    I have not been deleting files etc in the Windows viewer, so you can see, this is 2 Brand new DR650 units only 2 weeks old, and a PC only 2 weeks old and the problem was evident from first installation.

    Thanks for the comments.

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    Daryl Waldock


    I just completed a new test that conclusively reproduces the problem and clearly indicates that the program does not work as expected with Windows 10.




    I downloaded the latest image of Windows 10 Pro from Microsoft website.




    I then installed that with default options on a Vmware Workstation environment, so a perfectly clean installation on a basic standardised hardware base.




    After installing windows, without installing anything or changing anything, I installed BlackVue 1.10 and tried running the captured files. The problem is EXACTLY THE SAME. So it is very easy to reproduce the problem.


    I have offered to upload the test Virtual Machine for review.

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    Hello Daryl 

    Please upgrade Internet explorer to the latest version in your PC and see if it fixes the issue. Let us know if the problem persists.


    thank you 

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