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Brand new dashcam (less than month old) randomly freezes every 2-3 weeks

I installed the latest firmware and I have noticed that every 2-3 weeks it simply just stops recording.  And when I try to use the BlackVue app on my phone I can't even access the settings.  The only way to get the camera working again is to unplug the power cord, wait a moment for the wifi light to turn off.  Then plug it back in and it works great.


Is this just me or something wrong with the dashcam or settings or whatever it may be?


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    Dear Joseph

    Thank you for choosing BlackVue.


    Please do the following steps to upgrade the firmware (factory reset/troubleshooting)


    1. Turn off the dashcam and take out the SD card. Connect it with the computer by using the micro SD card reader.


    2. After getting the backup your necessary recordings saved on the SD card, format it as FAT32[windows] / MS-DOS(FAT) [MAC] using the format tool in BlackVue PC Viewer program 


    3. Download the latest firmware for your dashcam model from our website :


    4. Unzip the downloaded firmware and copy the "BlackVue" folder into the SD card.


    5. Insert the SD card in the dashcam and power it up.


    If the issue recurs, please send us the "Config" and "System" folders from the BlackVue folder inside the SD card to 


    Thank you

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    Al Brown

    My camera  (750s 2 Chnl)  has the latest version software  but still freezing same time ( about 3:15pm) each day

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    Same for my DR750S-2CH, after upgrade to latest firmware (v. 1.006).

    Please advise, fix or tell me where I can get older version of firmware?

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