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Drove the car this morning and suddenly Dashcam is showing dozens of impacts in normal mode.

I haven't changed anything and it was fine yesterday.

I checked the settings and noticed in Parking it was 80,80, 80 but in Normal it was 20, 30,30.

That seems too low, what does everyone else use?

And if it is too low, how did it get that way all of a sudden?

Possibly it's to do with the Android G sensor misbehaving on my Samsung Galaxy S6+?


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    Hi David,

    Extract from my config.ini file:  I set mine some time ago (this is not the default).  


    If you go into the Firmware using SD Card Viewer you can set the sensors precisely using the Advanced Settings Buttons.  This plays your video files simultaneously with the sensor readouts.  I used this to tune out door slamming, local potholes and speed bumps from setting off false Event Recording.  Now I find I only get the occasional event.





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    David Bower

    Hi NP,

    Cheers, What I'm concerned about was I had the sensitivity set up and it's worked fine for weeks, now all of a sudden the same settings are picking up every little bump as an impact.

    I wonder if android has changed the G sensor system?

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    After installing a mobile hotspot for Blackvue's cloud service, I started to receive 'impact detected in normal mode' notifications every five minutes during my morning commute yesterday.  I guess I wasn't noticing it before because I wasn't connected to the cloud yet through the wifi hotspot (so ignorance was bliss).  I'd rather not have to turn the sensitivity all the way down, as I would like it to keep recording while driving (if i'm understanding the settings correctly); I'd just like to stop receiving alerts. 

    OP, did you ever solve your issue?

    Blackvue Support, do you have any suggestions? (Are you even on here?)



    Edit/Update:  I'm an idiot. The alerts can be turned off through another screen, no need to touch the g sensitivity settings for me. Can't say i've had any problems with parking mode...i think it's working as expected. Of course, it's usually been parked in my garage this week. We'll see bout this weekend though.

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    Alan Hope

    Hi Ew,

    my guess is that you will be inundated with notifications of motion when the car is out of the garage even set at 1. that's the problem from us all...

    Waiting to hear how you get on!

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    Alan Hope


    I meant notifications in parking mode of Motion,  even though there is none!

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