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Authentication error when connecting to wifi


I have just got a Blackvue Dr 650 cloud and since today I cant connect to it through wifi.  It keeps saying authentication error, ive tried the default password, but wont work.  Does anyone know how I can do a factory reset?


Thanks for your help in advance.






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    Hello Yasin Sallu,

    We are sorry for the trouble it might have caused.

    Please try following troubleshooting:

    Erase the stored information of the dashcam's Wi-Fi in your smartphone's Wi-Fi settings:
    -Android: press and hold the dashcam's Wi-Fi SSID and when the pop-up appears, click on
    "Forget Network".
    -IOS: Click on the info icon and then click on "Forget this Network".

    Now try to connect, if it doesn't work, please update the firmware as described on the following support article:

    * In case you want to upgrade the latest cloud compatible firmware to v.2.007: 

    I hope it helps.


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    I'am new here also and received my DR650S 2ch today and installed it. Changing settings  through my iPad like duration footage, highest performance, time Europe Amsterdam and leds worked fine, no problem. But it also recommended to change the standard password, so that is what I did and saved the change. After that I could not get acces to my device anymore. I have formated the Original card on my computer and downloaded the latest firmware again, put it into the device and changed again time, leds, footage etc., no problem untill I changed the password again, again unable to get an connection. So I had to format the card again and put the downloaded firmware on it and put it into the device.

    Now I only changed the thinks mentioned above without password, that makes me creazy. Mayby I do something wrong, but I've read the manuel several times and the way I've acted should be correct.

    Maybe you coul help me further and my apologies for some incorrect writing, its not my motherl anquage :)

    The firmware is v.1.004_2016.11.25

    Thanks in advance for your help




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