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How do I unregister a dashcam that has already been registered

I have purchased a refurbished DR650S-2CH and it has been allready registered how do I get it unregister so that I can use it in over the cloud


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    Hello Paul Bown,

    Please send us following details at  so that we could check it on our cloud server:

    1. A picture of the serial number printed on the dashcam.
      *To find it on the dashcam, unplug the cables and carefully take out the dashcam from the mount by pressing the lock button. You will see the serial number on a silver sticker.

    2. A screenshot of the SSID of dashcam's Wi-Fi.
      *To find it , turn on the camera and turn on the Wi-Fi in your smart phone. You will see camera's SSID in the available Wi-Fi networks section of your smart phone. It should look like: DR650S-XXXXXX (6 digits/alphabets).

    Thank you.

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    Paul Bown


    many thanks for the comment this has now been sorted as you suggested what would have been nice was to have been informed of this when purchasing 

    this would of helped to overcome the problem that you had installed,

    Beside all the teething problems I incurred the Dashcam is working as per the Instruction manual and I am very pleased with the results,

    would rrecommend this to family and friends.

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    I am also experiencing this issue, I've submitted a ticket for this. How long is the turn around time?

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    Duke Johnson

    I am dealing with the same problem while paying for a fleet membership that I cant use as my camera says its already registered.  I was never told this camera was refurbished.   

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    Czy problem został rozwiązany? Mam ten sam problem i chciałbym się dowiedzieć jak go rozwiązać.

    Translated by translator:

    Has the problem been resolved? I have the same problem and I would like to know how to solve it.

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